Research Highlights

Autumn 2021

A new survey hopes to help researchers consider the benefits of patient and public involvement (PPI).

In order to better understand how to make the most of the fantastic members of BRAIN Involve we are asking researchers to complete a survey discussing the current role of patient and public involvement (PPI) in research studying neurological or neurodegenerative conditions.

BRAIN Involve is a public and patient involvement group that helps to inform and shape our research activities. This group is made up of members of the public who are, or have been directly affected by neurological diseases.

By bringing their personal experiences to the research table, members contribute to the design, development, implementation, and dissemination of research around brain repair and developing new therapies for brain conditions.

Through this survey, we hope to discover the ways in which the members of BRAIN Involve can better support our researchers and shed a light on the benefits of including PPI in research.