Neuroscience Research Unit

Providing safe, high-quality facilities for commercial and non-commercial clinical trials in collaboration with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

The Neuroscience Research Unit (NRU) is a 4 bedded clinical research facility conducting both  commercial and non commercial studies.

The NRU is a dedicated neuroscience research facility at University Hospital of Wales, under Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, established in collaboration with BRAIN Unit in 2015.

The NRU is situated within a clinical neurology ward on the fourth floor of the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

The NRU provides a high quality environment in which patients can undergo research programmes safely and effectively according to scientifically robust, ethically approved studies. It also offers a range of in-house nurse and database support services.


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Neuroscience research unit, 4th Floor, University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4XW

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