Intracranial Delivery

A core feature of our focus on Intracranial delivery is the delivery of the human fetal cell transplantation in HD trial (TRIDENT – the only study of its kind globally at the current time), and intrathecal anti-sense oligonucleotide therapies with Roche.

We are developing novel, specialist devices optimised for intracranial delivery of cell and other therapies, in collaboration with industrial partners, progressing from testing in lab models through to clinical evaluation.

Over the past year we have achieved all the necessary regulatory approvals for all phases of the TRIDENT trial. The first TRIDENT transplant was scheduled for 17th March 2020, but this was paused in response to the Welsh Government’s covid-19 action plan which involved the cancellation of all elective surgery.


To assess performance of cell delivery device, we harvest primary human cells, transduce cells with bioluminescence to enable tracking of live cells in real time, then deliver cells using the delivery device into gel (resembling human brain) with the aim of introducing this device to translational research.

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