Brain Games 2019


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Brain Games 2019

The annual Brain Games event this year took place on Sunday 10 March, marking the beginning of Brain Awareness and British Science week, with a record breaking 3,670 people making their way through the doors of the National Museum Cardiff to join in the fun.

Children getting involved with the DIY Brain Surgery show alongside esteemed neurosurgeons.

A large selection of interactive games and shows were available to the public throughout the day, explaining various scientific concepts relating to the brain and giving children an opportunity to interact and ask questions to some of Cardiff’s leading scientific community.

Games included an inflatable brain bouncy castle, stroop mat races, guessing animal brains, shrinking chair optical illusions and many more. These were supplemented with a series of shows throughout the day giving children the opportunity to practise Brain Surgery alongside qualified surgeons, learn about super hero stem cells and challenge their curiosity.

Running Cardiff University’s largest public engagement event relies heavily on the time of willing volunteers, all of whom came from varied medical and research backgrounds, offering their insights and knowledge to the budding young scientists in attendance.

Attendees braved the queues and gave us some great feedback on the day:

“I love this event, great activities and friendly, interesting people”

“Well done on a fascinating and educational event. So lovely to see the kids learning without even realising they are!”

We hope those who attended left having learnt more about the diverse research taking place at Cardiff University and feeling inspired to become the neuroscientists of the future.