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Meet the researcher: Dr Benjamin Dummer

Dr Benjamin Dummer is a Research Assistant based in a lab at the University Hospital of Wales (UHW), under the supervision of Professor Liam Gray.

The research

Our current research focuses on glioblastoma, which is a deadly brain cancer. We are characterising a 3D cell culture model using brain tumour tissue direct from surgery. This will allow us to personalise medicines to individual patients and gain a better understanding of glioblastoma biology.

We are also collaborating with other research groups within Cardiff University and outside institutions to explore how our 3D model can be used to better understand other neurological diseases.

Despite decades of research and millions of pounds spent, patient outcomes for people diagnosed with glioblastomas is still very poor. There is a clear need for developing novel treatments to combat the disease. Within these tumours there is a subpopulation of cells called stem cells which are implicated in treatment resistant and disease progression. Understanding how these cells interact with each other and their microenvironment is a fascinating area of research which will hopefully lead to a better understanding of this deadly disease.

What next?

Our next step is to complete the work on our 3D model so we can move forward to developing a personalised medicine paradigm with the aim of helping patients who suffer with this horrible disease.